Taraji P. Henson Launches Hair Care: 'If I Didn't Go Into Acting, I Would've Been a Cosmetologist'

If Taraji P. Henson weren’t acting, she’d probably be doing hair. As a college student, the Empire star would do wet sets (styling wet hair with rollers immediately after cleansing) for her classmates as a side hustle. And while her talent and onscreen magnetism have gained her 32 awards and a mess of nominations, the latest chapter in Henson’s career is taking her back to her first love. "I always loved and understood hair," she tells Allure. "Growing up, we took [it] very seriously. I was always in a salon every week getting a different hairstyle."


TPH by Taraji is the fruit of Henson’s decades-long passion for hair, grown from her own experiences styling and nurtured by the kind of trial and error we all go through when learning how to take care of our own hair. The 18-piece line is divided into four color-coded categories: teal for cleansing and care, red for repair, purple for treatment stylers, and yellow for scalp-care products.

As Henson tells Allure, scalp care lies at the heart of TPH, due to her own experiences wearing weaves over the years. "The first time I went to get the weave taken out, it smelled like mildew. I was so embarrassed. I was washing my hair, but wasn't drying the weft," she explains. "When you have a weave or an install, your hair is braided down, and then sometimes they sew a hair net down on top of that, and then they sew the hair tracks on top of that. My dilemma was how do I get to my scalp? How do I clean it? I didn't ever want that mildew smell again." Her Master Cleanse, the hero product, is inspired by a homemade concoction Henson made just to refresh her scalp when she wears weaves.

The collection wasn't made with a specific hair type in mind, nor is it solely for people who wear weaves. Henson says she created TPH hair for every texture, whether silky and stick-straight or fluffy, gravity-defying z-shaped zigzag strands. So we tested the range on five different hair types.


We are happy to see our fellow doll doing well!



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