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Kayy Vanity is a place for “Everything Beauty”. Kayy Vanity is a leader in the beauty world.  Kayy Vanity is based out of off of Long Island, New York. We operate in three major cities: NYC, Miami, and Atlanta. We are rapidly growing and . We dedicate our life to making woman feel secure. We understand that self esteem can be tampered by our outside world so we focus on the overall aspects of beauty. We make sure that we find the finest beauty products all around the world. We understand that beauty cost . Our mission is to provide products and services to women all over the world at an affordable prices. Apart of our mission also focuses on providing children all over the world with the beauty of life.

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10% of all sale purchases go towards opening up Kayy Vanity Leadership Academy  for girls around the world. Our first group home was opened our very first year of business in Port Au Prince, Haiti. There are 30,000 children living in orphanages in Haiti. The earthquake in 2010 has left this number rapidly growing. We are serving approximately 20 girls under the age of 18. We would like to expand the number of girls that we are able to care for in the upcoming year. Our Orphanage focuses on provide young girls without parents a rites of passage. Every single purchase through Kayy Vanity goes back to our girls. Please feel free to donate below or to purchase a product to help out young girls in Haiti.




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